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  • 4-Piece Airtight Storage Containers

    4-Piece Airtight Storage Containers

    4-piece airtight storage containers

    airtight storage containers in a set of 4. clear containers with white lids that have airtight seals at the bottom of the lids.
    lift the lever on the lid to open the seal, and drop the lever to tightly close the containers.
    ideal for your cereals, pasta, cookies, nuts, snacks, coffee beans or any other product you wish to keep fresh.
    say goodbye to staleness. storage you can trust

  • 6 Piece Shelf Rack

    6 Piece Shelf Rack

    6 piece shelf rack

    versatility storage organization rack:
    suitable for kitchen, living room, office, classroom, or any need extra storage space
    environments. placed in the kitchen, the shelving unit holds anything from
    canned goods and bulk items to pots and pans, dishes, and bowls. in the living
    room, the shelving unit displays books, magazines, and more. while in the
    office, it can help keep files, documents, and supplies neatly organized.

    eco shelf rack with 6 mdf shelves.

  • 72L Eco-Friendly Foldable Bamboo Laundry Basket

    72L Eco-Friendly Foldable Bamboo Laundry Basket

    72l eco-friendly foldable bamboo laundry basket

    this is not your average laundry basket.
    it is crafted by local artisans, with careful craftsmanship adding story to your storage from the reused bamboo wood making this eco-friendly.

    this bamboo laundry basket has cottoned on the inside with rope handles and it comes with a bamboo lid and has a reliable and strong construction made of bamboo slats
    a natural material that is light but durable, does not crack, and has a long service life.
    the removable inner liner is made of cotton, which can be easily washed.


    use it as a multifunctional storage basket for storing toys, clothes, etc.
    removable inner liner made of cotton, which can be easily washed.
    store your dirty laundry and move it to your washing machine easily thanks to the inner removable layer of cotton which can also be washed.
    rope side straps and lid handle for comfortable handling.

    eco-friendly bamboo wood makes it a reliable and solid basket.
    can be completely folded flat to save space when storing or moving.
    a natural material that is light but durable, does not crack and has a long life.
    a delicate natural look that fits everywhere and not only in the bathroom

  • 80Ml Glass Diffuser With 6 Rattan Sticks

    80Ml Glass Diffuser With 6 Rattan Sticks

    80ml glass diffuser with 6 rattan sticks

    one of the most precious things in the world is our memories, moments that we relive through what made them most unforgettable … a photo, a song, a perfume.
    and that is why every fragrance in our line is the result of a careful study of the best ingredients that a room fragrance must-have.
    here, with our home fragrances, we will be able not only to evoke your dearest memories but to create as many indelible ones by teasing our most powerful sense, the sense of smell.


    leave a refreshing smell in your home.
    the raw materials are all gmo-free and free of animal derivatives.

    4 scents: vanilla amber, lush figwood,blackberry basil, dandelion sweet.
    6 x rattan sticks
    1 x bottle – 80ml.

  • Aero Laundry Bag

    Aero Laundry Bag

    Aero laundry bag

  • Alex Varga Palazzo Faux Fur Fleece Blanket

    Alex Varga Palazzo Faux Fur Fleece Blanket

    Alex varga palazzo faux fur fleece blanket

    the long-pile faux fur used to create this generously sized blanket gives it a rich and lustrous finish.
    the combination of the 300gsm faux fur with the 200gsm flannel fleece combine to create a blanket that is soft, warm and substantial.

    the faux fur is crafted from long, silky-smooth fibres
    large, full-size blanket
    double layered, with a 40cm concealed zip for easy access branding
    machine washable: recommended cold water on gentle cycle
    with proper care, this blanket will last for many years – please follow the washing instructions on the care label

  • Alexus Pillow

    Alexus Pillow

    Alexus pillow

  • Arkin Laundry Bag

    Arkin Laundry Bag

    Arkin laundry bag

  • Aromatic Diffuser Nailex

    Aromatic Diffuser Nailex

    Aromatic diffuser nailex


    ceramic fragrance jar
    aromatic sticks
    15ml glass jar with fragrance

  • Brooklyn Pillow

    Brooklyn Pillow

    Brooklyn pillow

  • Buddha Style Fragrance Set

    Buddha Style Fragrance Set

    Buddha style fragrance set

    leave a heavenly scent in your home


    1 x ceramic oil burner buddha head ( 9 x 11cm )
    1 x 10ml fragrance bottle.
    2 x wax ( 1 cm )
    comes with warning signs on how to use the product.

    leave 3 types of scents in your home

  • Cactus Laundry Basket

    Cactus Laundry Basket

    Cactus laundry basket

    a cute collapsible mini laundry basket with cactus print on it. wire rim and handles.
    ideal for campers, hotel use, kids room, babies nurseries, bathroom and utility room.
    can be used to store toys too.
    keep your space neat and tidy with this lovely basket

  • Candle Leaf Shape Set Of 6

    Candle Leaf Shape Set Of 6

    Candle leaf shape set of 6

    this lead shape candle will leave your home smelling incredible and will be inviting to anyone.

    comes in a set of 6.

  • Candle Pillar With Leaf Relief Print

    Candle Pillar With Leaf Relief Print

    Candle pillar with leaf relief print

    our candle pillar with leaf relief print will keep you calm with its divine scent.
    it is inspired by the tropical rainforest of the amazon.

  • Canvas Laundry Bag

    Canvas Laundry Bag

    Canvas laundry bag

    laundry bag at your service.

    need to upgrade your chores game? ecoands got you. this canvas laundry bag is the perfect size to hide all your washing andndash; and that taupe finish will fit seamlessly into your room. not to mention itands super lightweight and can fold completely flat!


    eco-friendly materials
    space-saving design
    can hold a full washing load

    dual handles for easy carrying
    lightweight material makes washing load lighter to carry
    ideal for smaller bathrooms
    comes in blue and red designs

  • Children A5 Led Light Box

    Children A5 Led Light Box

    Children a5 led light box

    this led lightbox is a perfect gift for anyone.
    it says a positive message and displays beautifully in the dark. 10 white leds 3 years.
    check out varta battery
    whatands in the box?

    78 alphabet letters included (3 of each letter)
    10 symbols included
    12 emjoiands included
    batteries: 3 x aa (not included)

  • Children'S Multi-Use Storage Laundry Bag

    Children’S Multi-Use Storage Laundry Bag

    Childrenands multi-use storage laundry bag

    beautiful color storage or laundry bag with animal prints. great in childrenands room as a laundry basket or storage bag for toys or laundry.


    can be used as a laundry basket or storage bag for toys and other goods.
    easy to clean and store away because it can be flat-packed.

    it comes in four designs: tiger, bird, frog, butterfly
    full circular holes on both sides as a handle for easy, comfortable carrying.
    washable fiber lining.

  • Coconut Bowl Candle With 3 Wicks

    Coconut Bowl Candle With 3 Wicks

    Coconut bowl candle with 3 wicks

    the coconut bowl candle is inspired by the lovely warmth of the tropics.
    the premium scent of aromatic toasted coconut evokes memories of blue seas, with waves gently rolling in as the sunsets.

    fragranced with a gentle toasted coconut scent, it sits within a natural coconut shell and burns with a natural wooden wick. every coconut candle is made from the finest soy wax, which burns cleaner and longer.
    each coconut candle is unique in shape and form.

    this decorative outdoor candle in a coconut shell with three wicks made of wax is a decoration in your garden.
    for the cosy and atmospheric evenings outside and get the tropical atmosphere in your garden.

    the candle is easy to put down and is a stable atmosphere maker for the garden table or to give an original gift.
    ethically sourced, reusable natural coconut bowl plastic-free product.


    scented candle with 6 different flavours available
    made from a real coconut making it sustainable
    can be used anywhere within a home or outside
    perfect gift for a loved one or friend

    the candle burns longer than the average candle
    it has 3 wicks for a more visually appealing experience
    candle avoids spilling of the wax.

  • Cocoon Fleece Blanket And Bag

    Cocoon Fleece Blanket And Bag

    Cocoon fleece blanket and bag

  • Cuddle Fleece Blanket

    Cuddle Fleece Blanket

    Cuddle Fleece Blanket