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Trade source brings a range of quality garments to the hospitality industry providing durable, long lasting work wear for your front-office staff, waiters and housekeeping crew.

Food and Catering
Trade Source provides practical, long lasting and comfortable work wear for the professional chef, kitchen staff and waiters

Corporate Clothing
Trade Source offers a variety of timeless and stylish work wear for the corporate market, finished off with high quality footwear and accessories. A wide range of colours and styles are available to meet your image requirements

Leisure wear
Whether you are looking for leisure wear for sports, recreation or for the casual corporate look, Trade Source offers a comprehensive collection of leisure and outdoor wear in leading brands

Security and protective
High-visibility and protective apparel serves as a first line of defense to protect workers in dangerous situations. Trade Source provides security and protective garments that meet the highest standards

Off-shore work wear
Trade Source supplies durable and rugged outerwear, work wear and safety wear specifically designed for the harsh conditions on oilrigs, cargo ships, exploration vessels and other maritime operations.

Industrial work wear
Trade Source provides light and heavy industrial work wear that is task and industry specific and meets safety requirements

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